I am a mother and wife in her mid-forties. I have several sons of my own and I have been a step-mom to more than six children over my adult life. I am a wife, an ex-wife, an exes wife, a beloved second mother, an evil step mom, a school age mom, a college mom, a military mom, and--worst of all--an empty-nesting mom.

I am a survivor of domestic abuse. I am an artist. I am a misunderstood introvert/extrovert. I am Keto. I struggle daily with thyroid disease and consequently, chronic fatigue. I have had well over 40 kidney stones in my lifetime (now that is something worth bragging about!).

I am starting this blog in hopes that what I have to offer can make your life a little better to understand and withstand--and in the hope that I will somehow make it out of this labyrinth alive, as well.