I am a mother and wife in her mid-forties. I have several sons of my own and I have been a step-mom to more than six children over my adult life. I am a wife, an ex-wife, an exes wife, a beloved second mother, an evil step mom, a school age mom, a college mom, a military mom, and--worst of all--an empty-nesting mom.

I am a survivor of domestic abuse. I am an artist. I am a misunderstood introvert/extrovert. I am a Keto-er. I struggle daily with thyroid disease and consequently, chronic fatigue. I have had well over 40 kidney stones in my lifetime (now that is something worth bragging about!). I love chocolate and drinks on the weekend. And, my favorite number is five because of my five sons; I wuv them.

And, for fun, here are 10 random Q & A’s that I grabbed from a fun little book that I bought.

  1. In an argument, do you have the last word? Oftentimes, yes; but I am doing so much better at walking away. This has been one of my “grown up” exercises: not letting other peoples “stuff” upset me to the point that I have to have the last word. WALK AWAY, J.

  2. How do you feel about growing older? Oh wow…that is a hard one. I am a bit ambivalent. I do not like what aging is doing to my body. I haven’t been in the very best health in the last eight or so years and that has made me feel even older than I am. As far as all other aspects of growing older, I am totally okay with. I feel wiser and that I have a lot of experience to share with others and my children—OH! That is one negative, of course,…man, I miss having my littles around. I love what they bring to our relationship as adults, but that part of growing older has been hard.

  3. Do you have to experience something fully to understand it? No. I do not. I think that I am pretty good at intuiting things and feeling genuine empathy for things and people. I have lived enough that I can extrapolate pretty well.

  4. What would you hire a private detective for? I wouldn’t! I want TO BE a private detective; and, I have pretty darn good skills, as well—ask my exes!

  5. What do you have in common with your spouse? Nothing! Hahaha…literally, nothing!

  6. Have you ever accidentally set fire to yourself? (What kind of question is that? Haha) No, never.

  7. Do you think that stay-at-home mothers should receive a salary? This is an interesting question. Hmmm…I guess that I would have to know who was paying the salary for it to make more sense. I am not against it, for sure.

  8. Do you think that Barbie is a negative role model for young girls? No, I do not. I had Barbies and I do not remember ever looking at her and thinking she was an attainable goal or expectation. I think that the voices and images that we see of “real” people are the things that have more influence.

  9. How do you feel about redheads? I love redheads; there are several in our family; It is the Irish in us.

  10. If you could be reincarnated as an animal, what animal would you choose? A female giraffe.

How would you answer any of these ten questions? Let me know below! And, if you want to know more, check out the links below for some more in depth information about me—J!