I started writing this post as a 2019 bucket list, but I am just not super good at getting stuff done, I have to admit. I put a placeholder in for the blog post and then just never came back to it. I blame it on menopause and, I wouldn’t be wrong for doing so. My bucket list number one should be: Master Menopause!

My bucket list may be more like my “2020 Dreams”, but I would really love to complete a “Bucket List”.

So, here it is…once 2020 comes around, let’s see if my dreams turn to accomplishments!


  1. Ride my bike frequently and make it a fun event with my youngest son making fun memories with him that incorporate moving and being healthy

  2. During Fall and Spring season, hike my state park

  3. Lose 10 pounds

  4. Take an exotic vacation somewhere with my youngest son

  5. Write one blog post a week

  6. Start making videos for my blogs or a podcast

  7. Remodel my guest bathroom and blog about it

  8. Remodel my living room and blog about it

  9. Commit to taking each of my adult kids on a date once a month or every other month

  10. Start to work on getting my masters degree in ministry and theology

  11. Make my health a priority however that ends up looking

  12. Take a romantic weekend B & B trip with my husband

  13. Give myself a new hairstyle for 2020

What are your favorite bucket list items? What is the most challenging or most fascinating bucket list item that you’ve ever been able to check off? Let me know in the comments! Share some inspiration!

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