Six years or so ago, I got a sense that I should help a friend of mine out in her shop in our local town. It didn’t make much sense for me to do, professionally; I have a degree in interior design and a fine arts minor with an emphasis in photography.

At the time, I had been working as a adjunct professor at a local college, but they could not offer me enough classes for me to be full-time. So, I was supplementing my time as a substitute teacher in our local school corporation. I didn’t live close enough to a city to get a full-time interior design job without having a three hour round trip by car and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice that much time away from my children.

So, I was just thinking during my quiet time and thought that maybe it would be nice to just work a few days at one of my friends shops.

I forget how many days later it was—like one or two—my friend calls me and tells me that she had lost an employee and that she was very much in need of someone to help her out for two days a week until she could hire someone new.

I was beside myself and immediately said that I would help her out, but with the understanding that I would have to be able to do work on my computer while I was there. She agreed.

That was six or so years ago and I am still helping her out two days a week.

And, I can tell you, while I am not getting paid anything close to what I am paid as an interior designer or even what I get paid doing photography (only because this job shouldn’t pay that much—at all), I am always blessed so much. I know that God wanted me here for a reason.

Now, I have AMAZING photography and interior design clients, but here, in this little shop, I run into so many Christian couples who become my very dearest friends. And, let me remind you, I am only here two days a week. Despite, I form deep connections with these people. It always involves long talks and praying together right here in the shop. (Thank God that my boss/friend is a christian woman who is strong in her faith or I would probably lose my job. Ha.)

This week was one of those weeks. Today is my second day in the shop and, yesterday, I ran into the sweetest couple, Daniel and Beverly. They made sure to stop and visit with me again today, too.

It was such a sweet God moment.

Do you ever have those? Do you cross paths with people and just know that it was a divine meeting?

This sweet couple touched and blessed my heart these past two days.

I just love when that happens.

This is an example where a couples differences complimented one another; Daniel is a clear extrovert and Beverly is much more of an introvert. In fact, Beverly didn’t even want to come in to shop, but Daniel wanted his bride to buy something nice for herself. Sweet Beverly never rolled her eyes or got frustrated with how outgoing her husband was. Instead, it opened the door for she and I to share a connection—and I am so grateful.

We shared what God had been and was doing in our lives. We prayed together. Then, sweet Daniel ran down to his hotel and came back with his own personal aged leather devotional which he gave to me to keep.


The inside of this devotion is worn, marked up with underlined text, and on the inside cover are the names of Daniel and the name of the one who gifted the devotional to him: his beloved Beverly. Oh, my heart.

I insisted that I could not take the book, but they both assured me that they would not allow me to give it back.